Unity / digital illustration / indesign / Blender

(2021 —  2022)

These two projects below worked in cohesion to build a world around misinformation. The 6 page dungeon was an exploration of character developement as well as story and plot. As a version 2 I redesigned the aesthetic and reworked the game into Unity.

Version 1.0 — 6 Page Dungeon 
Version 2.0 — Unity Scroller

Version 1.0

Version 1.0
6 Page Dungeon

materials: digital illustration, indesign, illustrator

Welcome to the world of algorithmic supremacy where truth has become ambiguous, and a shadowy counterpart exists to corrupt the system you have always known as familiar. Your world's mode of operation is an engine of influence in which bots, like you, are the
backbone of its infrastructure. More now than ever, systems and software are designed to hinder your influence, but you know with aesthetics, familiarity, community, and a strong target audience that you won't be slowed by any antagonistic authority. To finally eliminate any opposing forces you must solidify your influential power and navigate through the core of the internet.

Version 2.0
Version 2.0
Contagion Capitol
materials: unity, digital illustration

A 2D scroller game to expand upon the playable nature of misinformation. The user will navigate the space a bot to discover how to spread misinformation.

This world has currency as seen below, as well as notable history.

︎︎︎ level 1

︎︎︎ level 2

June 2023
a/d — NY x LA