This piece is an attempt toward differentiating human from machine, and how in these times of accelerating technology why is this becoming evermore so important. I wish to break the steps in the process of which a human interacts with a command.  Through the use of microcontrollers, wood fabrication and photoresistors I have compiled an automata that gives humans and a simple machine to interact on a level playing field.


generative art made with P5js and Processing


This piece is a redesigned Möbius Strip, a structure that is recognized for its famous features of being a one sided non orientable surface with only a single edge. The strip's unique structure defines this piece due to its’ one sided perspective. This piece is in reference to both self oriented and societal conflicts that are left unresolved as a result of an infinite loop of problem solving and mistake making.

We are essentially trapped in a race against ourselves.

The skeleton of the piece is created from PVC pipe and CNC cut plywood, to ensure it’s parametric design is malleable. The artist programmed speakers, playing a shepherds tone, to detect the motion of an audience member standing at its center.

L’appel du vide 

show cased in the UCLA Design Media Arts Undergraduate Exhibit

Using machine learning, I data mined several thousand images and fed it to the software. Artificial intelligence is a beautiful way to visualize how ambiguous the phenomenon is. The virtual space I 3D modeled was created to draw the viewer in downward motion to simulate falling. The room itseelf was designed to be complex but simple enough to potentially be constructed in the future.