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Professional Work 

1.0 - Bruins Vote ︎︎︎
2.0 - UCLA Student Affairs ︎︎︎

Personal Work
3.0 - Redesigned Streaming Service  ︎︎︎

1.0 Bruins Vote
UCLA official voting website, used as a education resource for  students and staff

PROBLEM Redefining voting in LA county to UCLA students.

SOLUTIONCreated enticing graphics to bring the fun back into voting, as well as a colorful palette. We focused on accessibility and followed guidelines across all graphics.


2.0 UCLA Student Affairs
UCLA video series to inform students about resources on campus during Covid.

PROBLEMCreate motion assets that followthe UCLA brand guidelines and aremodular to a variety of texts. 

SOLUTIONCreated for main assets signed to shortphrases, links, paragraphs and namecards. Focused on accessibility and howto make education text enticing.

3.0 Streaming Service Redesign A unique take on the potential of streaming services, using Figma and Adobe XD.

Checkout the interactive prototype here For more information checkout my  github

It’s important in this day in age to find ways to destress and create a sense of relaxation. Simple pleasures to often appear as alone time with your personal device in a quiet area of your home. Since technology is so embedded in our everyday lives we often find solace in a good TV show and a nice snack. It is important that streaming devices are easy to use and intuitive, but most importantly that way there is no extra stress added. If the user’s cognitive load is burdened with over complicated tasks then the app/site will be doing the opposite of its given purpose.

SOLUTIONThis prototype was designed keeping in mind middle aged women and what would assist in their interaction with the website. I kept in mind average technology experience/knowledge, accessibility of visuals and low cognitive stress. During the user’s experience they should have the ability to navigate the site to any extent they want, from searching a specific genre to being directed to a specific show.

June 2023
a/d — NY x LA