L’appel Du Vide
Runway ML / After Effects

Showcased in the UCLA Design Media Arts
Undergraduate Exhibit

Using machine learning, I data mined several thousand images and fed it to the software. Artificial intelligence is a beautiful way to visualize how ambiguous the phenomenon is. The virtual space I 3D modeled was created to draw the viewer in downward motion to simulate falling. The room itself was designed to be complex but simple enough to potentially be constructed in the future.

video showcasing the unfamiliarity of AI (listen with audio)

This space is a physical representation of the phenomenon known as L'appel du vide, or more commonly referred to as "the call of the void". This phenomenon explains the inexplicable urge to act despite knowing the assured negative consequences. The brain overrides any physical impulse but still demonstrates the mind's flexibility in imagining all possible outcomes. The ambiguity of machine learning is an authentic depiction of the intriguing, yet uncomfortable, feeling associated with L'appel du vide.

June 2023
a/d — NY x LA