Gimbal Controller
fabrication / arduino /  3D printing
2022 — 2023

Worked in partnership with Cosm.

The prototype below is a playful exploration on the ergonomics of a hand and its relationship to a digital display. In conjunction with Cosm’s innovative display technology at their newly established venues, this prototype was developed as an interactive device for large-scale audience.

Gimbal Controller

Materials: 3D printed parts, potentiometers, arduino, large button

Gimbal Controller is a real world application of how necessarily tactility is to human interaction. The interactive device is designed to be intuitive yet exporable, with the mindset that the audience will only have a few moments to learn how to use the device. The simple controls move the audience in a x,y and even z pattern on the screen by rotating the inner and outer disks. The spherical nature of the device is meant to mimic the latitude and longitude of the curved digital display.

concepts involving simple mechanisms that are easy to use and mass producible︎︎︎

June 2023
a/d — NY x LA